Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the development of advanced cannabinoid-based treatments and therapies.

The Company’s main focus is the development of novel therapies and biotechnological tools aimed to providing relief from diverse ailments and treat human malignancies. These advanced tools include novel delivery systems, personalized medicine diagnostics and therapies based on cannabinoid compounds.

The Company’s principal Technology is Cannabics SR, a technology for a long acting oil capsule that provides a safe, effective and reliable administration of cannabis. Composed solely from food grade materials, this Technology at 25mg delivers a steady level of beneficial effects for 10–12 hours. The once-per day oral dosing regimen offered by Cannabics SR Technology allows patients a more consistent therapeutic effect throughout the day.

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. is traded in the US OTCQB stock exchange, under the trade symbol: CNBX


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